Liquid Applied Vinyl Flooring

Educational Facilities:
Childcare Centres, Elementary Schools, 
High Schools, Universities
Healthcare Centres:
Hospitals, Nurseries,
Rehabilitation Facilities, 
Assisted Living
Leisure Facilities:
Libraries, Museums, Theatres,
Exhibit Halls
Retail Spaces:
Showrooms, Customer Service Counters, 
Waiting Rooms, Offices
Residential Flooring:
Kitchens, Living Rooms, Bedrooms,
Starata Buildings

Sika© ComfortFloor© optimizes a balance between comfort and toughness by combining softness under foot and durability. It is flexible enough to provide comfort in areas where personnel walk or stand for long periods of time but tough enough to stand up to high levels of pedestrian traffic, chair castors and wheeled loads. These resilient flooring solutions reduce footfall sound and horizontal noise transmission while providing an unprecedented number of advantages to building occupants.

Sika© ComfortFloor©

Sika© Comfortfloor© is an attractive alternative to traditional vinyl flooring. A high performance liquid, it offers several desirable benefits. Over time, conventional vinyl flooring can shrink and split, trapping dirt and requiring extensive repair work. Sika© Comfortfloor© is a seamless solution that doesn't shrink or split. Virtually maintenance free, its flawless finish removes the risk of trip hazards normally associated with the wear and tear of vinyl flooring. Sika© Comfortfloor© is great flooring solution  for environments where hygiene is of paramount importance. Resistant to cracks and splits, the floor surface remains intact and is therefore easy to keep clean, maintained and with exceptional long term performance. These resilient flooring solutions not only reduce footfall noise and horizontal noise transmission, but also resist scratching by their elastic deformation and recovery.

Sika© ComfortFloor© System features an innovative, renewable walking surface that can be refurbished to remain throughout the life of the facility. Refurbishing and restyling can be accomplished without floor removal which reduces long term spending, down time and environmental impact. 

Noise Absorbant

ComfortFloor System is designed to produce the highest environmental air quality and is identified by the sound reduction quality. With exceptional noise-cancelling properties of 19 dB, with its chemical composition and texture absorbent impact, Sika© ComfortFloor© has a significant impact on sound insulation and ergonomics. 

The system is considered a solution for LEED certified environments and adopts many characteristics, including resilient, high comfort, decorative and wear resistant. 

Fast Application, Fast Cure 

Offering a fast application process, Sika© ComfortFloor© is equally suitable for new build and refurbishments as it can be quickly installed whilst causing minimal disruption. The floor can also be subjected to foot traffic in just 16-24 hours with a full curing time of 48-72 hours, making it ideal for busy working environments such as hospitals where it is unacceptable for long term ward closures.


Sika© Comfortfloor© is highly effective in commercial and public and residential spaces with a high foot traffic. Soft underfoot, it offers high impact with optimum comfort.

Seamless Surface 

Designed for interior use, Sika©ComfortFloor© system is particularly suitable for environments where hygiene is of paramount importance. Installed as a homogenous flooring solution with no joining or welding, the completed floor is seamless and resistant to cracks and splits. 

Low VOC Emission

Designed to meet and exceed all the latest stringent European legislation with regards to environmental air quality in an inhabited area, Sika© Comfortfloor© is suited for indoor applications. It has been "Indoor quality and its impact on man" - AgBB tested in accordance with the international cleanliness class ISO 14644-part 8.

Sika® ComfortFloor, a liquid applied vinyl, is a great choice for spaces where low-noise characteristics are important. It improves sound absorption while exceeding the design appeal that was once only found in carpet and vinyl flooring. 

Harmful substances such as phenol in building materials pose health risks due to toxic gas emissions. Children and young people are particularly at risk if these materials are installed in kindergartens or school facilities. The extremely low-emission floor and wall coatings of Sika are high quality and harmless alternative for the renovation and construction of educational facilities. 

Clever Quarters offers 
two products from Sika ComfortFloor
family including:

-Sika© ComfortFloor© 
-Sika© ComfortFloor© Pro

Sika© ComfortFloor© 
Smooth Low VOC
Colored, Elastic Screed
Sika© ComfortFloor© consist of three layers:
- Primer, bonding agent 
- Base layer autonivelente PU 
- Sealed protector, colored PU
Sika© ComfortFlor© Pro
Smooth Low VOC
Colored, Sound 
Insulating Screed
Sika© ComfortFloor© Pro consist of five layers:
- Primer, bonding agent 
- Print damping rubber 
- Filling pores 
- PU self leveling base layers 
- Sealed colored PU protector