Solutions for Residential Flooring

Clever Quarters offers resinous flooring solutions for variety of residential spaces, including parking garages, decks and patios, basements, entrances, hallways, kitchen and other spaces in homes. Resinous floors are durable, easy care, hygienic, stain resistant and cost effective in comparison to traditional flooring alternatives.

Garage Flooring

Imagine an attractive garage floor that is easy to clean and maintain, enhances lighting and leaves you free from worry about stains and spills.
Nothing will outshine or outlast your state of the art hybrid polymer garage flooring. Choose from an array of contemporary solid colors, stunning granite or terrazzo looks to customize the flooring that’s right for you.
Our floor coatings are stain and slip resistant and have a high-gloss shine. Plus, your garage will be ‘back in business’ the next day, so your car can have its parking spot back.

Advantages of our Garage Flooring

Durable: Superior abrasion and chemical resistance
Strong: Used in residential and commercial application environments 
Fast: Complete installation in 1-2 days
Decorative: A variety of texture and color options to compliment any possible décor.
Resilient:  Resistant to UV rays and maintains its color for years.
Cost Effective: Cost efficient alternative to floors that are pre-engineered.
Safe: A textured surface that prevents falls and slips.
Stain Resistant: Works to repel car fluids and oils.
Low maintenance: Cleans easily with ammonia and water.
Renewable: Can be renewed when the surface is sanded and a new topcoat is applied.

Decorative Concrete Finish

Our garage flooring system is available in both solid and decorative finishes.   
Contact us today to learn about our decorative concrete flooring finishes. Our consultant will bring different flooring samples to show you colors and finish option available and recommended for your space. 

Garage Floor Waterproofing

Concrete garage floor is porous and soaks up water. The water ending on floor, drips on the surface from the car complete with oils, road salts, damage the garage floor. Concrete slabs and foundation walls almost inevitably crack, providing entry to water, contaminates that cause structural damage and leaking through lower levels.
For the reason parking garages on suspended slab require installation of waterproofing membranes to protect the concrete and lower levels from leak damages caused by chloride and deicing salts attack. 

For waterproofing decks and garage floors on suspended slab we use Sikalastic® Duochem® 390. Sikalastic®  Duochem®  390 is a high quality, fast curing, two-component, solvent free, chemically cured, elastomeric, polyurethane approved as waterproofing membrane. 

On top of Sikalastic® Duochem® 390 membrane, we use Sikalastic® Duochem® 394 as wear coat and top coat. Alternatively, to achieve decorative chip or quartz flooring  we will use Sikafloor® 510 polyaspartic as wear coat and top coat.  

Inside Home Flooring 

Metallic illusion flooring also called Designer Floor or Light Reflector a decorative flooring system that combines the strength and durability of industrial epoxy  with beautiful, artistic, natural look that was only seen in marble or stone. Metallic flooring system brings a unique character to any surface sets any space apart the rest. 

Our Metallic epoxy flooring system offers an excellent adhesion to various substrates.  We use urethane topcoat to achieve high abrasion resistance and UV stability and excellent chemical resistance. Waterproofing and anti-microbial formulas are available to meet  the space requirement.  Metallic Flooring systems are great choice many floor surface including residential use, office spaces, lobby areas, restaurants, retail outlets.