Flooring Solutions for Manufacturing Facilities

Any manufacturing facility requires the right interior finishes to fulfill all of the specific functionality to run the daily business properly. Moreover, a durable facility that lasts and has reduced maintenance cost also brings additional economic benefits to the owners. 

Depending of type of a manufacturing facility, it may consist of the areas including, dry products areas, wet and extreme exposure area, logistic and storage area, offices as well as areas requiring Cleanroom or ESD specifications. Clever Quarters offers a wide range of quality flooring solutions based on Sika© products flooring and wall systems to help your business run efficiently and maximize the return on your investment.

Dry Production Areas

Major challenge for flooring systems in dry production areas are resistance to heavy wear, abrasion and impact plus providing dust-free surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain. 

We offer flooring systems designed for such areas meet these challenges and ensure the floors withstand the daily rigors associated with the processing activities. In addition, the products are low odor, VOC and emission-free. In addition, Sikafloor® products can provide numerous aesthetic advantages including light reflection for illumination of the workplace, high gloss or satin-matte finishes, plus numerous decorative options.

Wet and Exteme Exposure Production Areas

The floors in wet areas of manufacturing facilities need to be durable in the environment and fully resistant to the anticipated water and chemical exposure in addition to the wear, abrasion and impact from forklift traffic and any other processes carried out in the areas. In many process areas, the floors also have to be skid or slip-resistant and yet, still be easily cleaned.

To meet all individual requirements, Clever Quarters supplies and installs Sikafloor® PurCem® system, deigned to perform under the most demanding exposure and service environments. It is essential to finish all of the flooring work within the shortest possible time, but still ensuring the required performance and durability.

Logestics and Storage Areas

Logistics and storage areas in manufacturing facilities include raw materials and finished goods warehouses, together with their associated receiving and dispatch areas, plus the loading bays and ramps etc., where the floors must be extremely abrasion and wear resistant due to the heavy forklift and pallet truck traffic. Additionally these areas must remain dust-free and be easy to clean in the event of any spills or breakages .The floors can also require specific chemical resistance, anti-skid/anti-slip properties, plus resistance to extremes of hot or cold temperatures and other special performance demands, according to the products handled in the facility, e.g. cold storage, chemical storage, etc..

Office Areas

For commercial and office areas in manufacturing facilities, decorative resinous flooring solutions are great choices for entrance hall, meeting rooms, lunchrooms, washrooms, locker rooms and administration offices.

We offer products that have the lowest fire ratings and are easy to clean and maintain. These decorating flooring choices are based on Sikafloor® systems can be produced in a range of different system buildups, where different resins are combined with many types and colors of decorative colored flakes and aggregates, which allows designers the freedom to create many attractive and individual finishes and even to extend corporate identity onto the floors.

Flooring Solutions for Production Areas with Cleanroom Requirements

Sikafloor® flooring, Sikagard® wall coating and Sikaflex® joint sealant solutions for industrial cleanroom environments, with applications that can range from the electronics and automotive industries to life science industries. 

To achieve desired product quality,manufacturing facilities from electronics and automotive industries to life science industries, these industries need to manufacture under strict requirements with regards to VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and AMC(Airborne Molecular Contaminants), together with strict controls on particle emissions and biological contamination. Majority of Sikafloor®, Sikagard® and Sikaflex® systems are approved for use in Cleanroom environment and have certificate containing all of the relevant information regarding the testing parameters and limitations according to the relevant standards.

Flooring Solutions for Production Areas with ESD Requirements

In industries where electronic components or volatile chemicals are involved, static electricity can result in significant damage, injury and financial loss. All active electronic components and equipment e.g. micro-chips, integrated circuits and machinery are sensitive to electrostatic discharges. Even when areas and people are equipped to handle such static-sensitive devices, inadvertent contact and damage can occur. The floors in these industries are required to have defined levels of conductivity. Sikafloor® ESD (Electrostatic Discharge), Sikafloor® DIF (Dissipative Flooring) and Sikafloor® ECF (Electrically Conductive Flooring) systems, can safeguard your entire process. Clever Quarters designs and installs flooring system that is tailored to meet your specific area’s needs.