Flooring Solutions for Schools and Universities

Clever Quarters offers variety of decorative, colorful and hard-wearing flooring products, that are easy-clean and low maintenance with proven low VOC emission values, that is particularly suitable for use in the indoor school environment.

It is a common challenge for schools and universities to keep up with regular maintenance of traditional flooring and cleaning procedure becomes more bothersome as the floor ages over time. Staining and yellowing can become quite extreme and un-repairable. 

Resinous flooring for schools is on trend and has become a natural choice of flooring product for schools for classrooms, lockers rooms, hallway, study hall, libraries as well as management offices. Here are the reasons:  

Virtually unlimited design, patterns and color choicesCost effective and Lower maintenance costsFast installation time and back to serviceComplete project customization to floor situationRemarkable durability for high traffic areasHigh stain resistance and low VOC emission

Floor Application Areas:
  • Elementary Schools
  • Universities
  • High Schools
  • Locker/Change Rooms
  • Child Care Facilities
  • Cafeterias
  • Libraries
  • Entrance Halls
  • Stairs and Hallways
  • Lavoratories
  • Laboratories

Classrooms, Study Rooms

Noise reduction and comfortable feel of Sika ComfortFloor makes a perfect choice for playrooms, classrooms, libraries, study rooms.

Lecture Hall

Unique, artistic, high gloss finish of metallic fusion epoxy flooring makes it suitable for any dry space in schools and educational facilities.  


Sparking floor with natural beauty with mica chips is an alternative design style to other decorative options like  quartz and vinyl chips. 

Lunch Room, Refectory

Decorative chip flooring is a popular choice for flooring installations in high-traffic retail facilities because of their individual and decorative designs.

Laboratories, Hallways

Solid color flooring is a popular choice for flooring installations in high-traffic retail facilities because of their durability and design versatility. 

Lavatories, Stairways

Decorative quartz flooring offers a non-slip surface like in  washrooms, stairways, locker rooms intended.