Flooring Solutions For Retail and Leisure Spaces

An attractive, hygienic and decorative floor is crucial element to any retail outlet and leisure facilities. Clever Quarters offers an array of stylish and decorative flooring solutions for retail and leisure facilities that improves productivity while reducing maintenance costs.

In high-visibility, high-traffic commercial spaces, such as retail stores, showrooms, restaurants and salons, concrete floor covering is a better alternative to wood floor, vinyl tile and carpet. Resinous flooring withstand abuse better than other flooring materials.  Resinous flooring can also be customized to achieve an unlimited array of decorative effects. 

In commercial spaces, the floor must conform to a high performance expectation and durability. Resinous epoxy floors often protected using high-performance finishes like polyurethane or polyaspartic top coatings to better withstand the daily wear and tear, heavy foot traffic, abrasion and stains and easy maintenance. 

Our wide range of hard wearing, decorative flooring system meets the need for individual and decorative designs in commercial, retail and leisure facilities using colored chips, quartz, metallic pigment and other decorative resinous flooring. These floors allow you to create many different and unique surface designs, ranging from textured finishes to solid color matte and high gloss choices.

We offer number of decorative finish options to attract attention or convey a certain atmosphere specified by the interior designer, architect or the business owner. 

Application Areas:
Shopping MallsDepartment Stores Merchandise Stores Warehouse Stores SupermarketsConvenience Stores Sales ShowroomOfficesRestaurants 
TheatresCafeteriasStadiumsFood CourtsMuseumsLibrariesExhibit HallsIndoor WalkwaysConcourse Areas


Sika© ComfortFloor©  for retail and leisure facilities, offers a modern, anti-fatigue comfortable solution that is noise absorbent and easy to maintain. 

Merchendize Stores

Metallic illusion flooring is a new trend in commercial concrete epoxy flooring which give the concrete floor a dazzling metal-like patina. 

Department Stores

Decorative quartz floors for high traffic retail outlets, offers individual character to any space. It is specially a popular choice where anti-slip finish is important. 

Grocery Stores, Supermarkets

Decorative chip flooring is a popular choice for flooring installations in high-traffic retail facilities because of their individual and decorative designs.

Retail Stores

Solid color flooring is a popular choice for flooring installations in high-traffic retail facilities because of their durability and design versatility. 

Bars, Night Clubs, Restaurants

Glamour saturated in a resin-base for endless shine and sparkle. Suited for dancine and bar areas or any space you want to bring in light and shine.